Why the SNP should support the SNIB

Flyers in support of the #SNP17 Motion 8 for a Scottish National Investment Bank, as proposed by the Kirriemuir and Dean Branch – which passed!

Building Scotland’s Future Now

Read the report here A NEW public model for investment in Scotland’s infrastructure could be significantly cheaper and more sustainable than private financing, a new report by Common Weal has argued. The report outlines a detailed new design model for how the Scottish Government could boost public investment in Scotland […]

Drop the Debt – Unite Scotland

Take Action! Unite the Union Scotland has called for a debt amnesty of all pre-devolution debts so that Scotland’s local councils can keep jobs and continue to provide public services to all who live here.

PFI/PPP Buyouts, Bailouts, Terminations and Major Problem Contracts – ESSU Report

74 projects – 11 Buyouts, 20 terminations and 43 with major problems, plus many bailouts. 28% of PFI/PPP contracts by capital value have been to subject to buyout, termination or major problems. This is a UK-wide report on the cost of PFI/PPP and its failings.

Using FoI to uncover PFI/PPP: A How-to Guide

Economists Jim and Margaret Cuthbert identify the key aspects of using Freedom of Information requests to uncover PFI/PPP contracts, and provide insights into how they have utilised data sources for their large portfolio of work on PFI.

Cutting PPP costs to fight Austerity – UNISON Report

“Every sensible mitigation measure government and public authorities can take reduces the number of job losses and damage to vital public services.”
— Mike Kirby, Scottish Secretary, UNISON