Unite repeats calls for national private finance review

This was a PRESS RELEASE issued by Unite the Union on Thursday 13th April 2017. Unite the union has repeated its call to scrap the use of private finance to build schools and other public buildings in Scotland – and its demand for a national inquiry. The union was commenting […]

An RBS Wolf bearing LOBO loans visited Edinburgh City Council yesterday following the RBS AGM.

An alternative to the cuts

Rachel Collinson tells us how she has challenged LOBO loans and debt in Newham council, and how you can too!

Health is a human right: put people before profit #Health4All

Why is PHM Scotland supporting Protect our Future? What has sustainable finance for Scotland got to do with health?

Private Finance is poisoning our Scottish NHS

Sean Halligan looks at the damage the private finance model of investment is doing to Scotland’s NHS.

Why Private Finance is endangering our children

10 key pull out quotes from the independent inquiry’s report. The report of the independent inquiry into the collapse of PFI-built Oxgangs Primary and the subsequent closure of 17 schools across Edinburgh has been published. The remit of John Cole’s inquiry was broad, and so are the conclusions, but they […]

Scottish PPP/PFI deals have the worst track record of all countries in the UK, says new report

This article was originally published on CommonSpace, by Nathanael Williams Scotland has the highest percentage of buyouts, terminations or problem PPP/PFI contracts of any nation in the UK according to a new research paper produced this month. Compiled by the European Services Strategy Unit, the report revealed that almost 10 per cent […]

Why you should get involved with Protect Our Future

A NEW campaign has been launched to campaign against unsustainable public debt in Scotland and promote alternatives: Protect Our Future.

PFI for dummies: a short how-to guide!

Why PFI is such a dirty word in Scotland? Or why your taxes are funding schools which are falling down? Naya Koloucheri provides a satirical introduction to Private Finance Initiative (PFI) for those new to it. No experience in economics necessary – just a sense of humour!

PFI/NPD: How to avoid future problems – Jim Cuthbert Speech

Jim Cuthbert spoke at an Open the Books on PFI/PPP meeting on 3 May in Edinburgh organised by Common Weal, People Vs PFI and Jubilee Scotland. We publish his speech here. You can find the research of Jim and Margaret Cuthbert, including a whole section on PFI/PPP, at their new […]