Building Scotland’s Future Now

Read the report here A NEW public model for investment in Scotland’s infrastructure could be significantly cheaper and more sustainable than private financing, a new report by Common Weal has argued. The report outlines a detailed new design model for how the Scottish Government could boost public investment in Scotland […]

Why Private Finance is endangering our children

10 key pull out quotes from the independent inquiry’s report. The report of the independent inquiry into the collapse of PFI-built Oxgangs Primary and the subsequent closure of 17 schools across Edinburgh has been published. The remit of John Cole’s inquiry was broad, and so are the conclusions, but they […]

Why you should get involved with Protect Our Future

A NEW campaign has been launched to campaign against unsustainable public debt in Scotland and promote alternatives: Protect Our Future.

Using FoI to uncover PFI/PPP: A How-to Guide

Economists Jim and Margaret Cuthbert identify the key aspects of using Freedom of Information requests to uncover PFI/PPP contracts, and provide insights into how they have utilised data sources for their large portfolio of work on PFI.

PFI/NPD: How to avoid future problems – Jim Cuthbert Speech

Jim Cuthbert spoke at an Open the Books on PFI/PPP meeting on 3 May in Edinburgh organised by Common Weal, People Vs PFI and Jubilee Scotland. We publish his speech here. You can find the research of Jim and Margaret Cuthbert, including a whole section on PFI/PPP, at their new […]