About Us

Scotland has a major underinvestment problem. Attempts to address this has led to high levels of public debt, specifically through Public-Private Partnerships. This privatisation of public sector has resulted in overpriced, unreliable and inefficient public services. Protect our Future is Scotland’s campaign to develop more sustainable ways of investing public investment – ones which provide better public services for all Scottish residents.

Our advisory group is made up of independent researchers, trade unions, and civil society across Scotland. Our focus is to highlight the alternative sources of public investment funding, ones which will not result in large unsustainable debt to private companies and instead fund our public services in a cheap, ethical and sustainable way.

This website aims to be an online resource hub containing collated research on the expensive, unaccountable and unsustainable ways which Scotland funds its public investment.

We also hope to be an access point through which Scottish residents can access information, campaigns, and actions on achieving affordable public investment that puts people first.