<p>Flyers in support of the #SNP17 Motion 8 for a Scottish National Investment Bank, as proposed by the Kirriemuir and Dean Branch – which passed!</p>
<p>Read the report here A NEW public model for investment in Scotland’s infrastructure could be significantly cheaper and more sustainable than private financing, a new report by Common Weal has argued. The report outlines a detailed new design model for how the Scottish Government could boost public investment in Scotland […]</p>
<p>Take Action! Unite the Union Scotland has called for a debt amnesty of all pre-devolution debts so that Scotland’s local councils can keep jobs and continue to provide public services to all who live here.</p>

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What's the Problem?

Every year Scotland repays almost £1bn to private companies for public services. This debt is due to unsustainable methods of investing in our public services, with these debts often accruing up to 40% in interest. The SNP have said they have got rid of the worst of these debts, Private Finance Initiatives (PFIs). But they have only replaced them with light versions, ones which remain costly, inefficient and restricted to Big Business. We're demanding a change in funding sources - ones which benefit us as well and refuel our local economy.

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What's the solution?

Other ways of funding our public services are possible! From legally challenging our current contracts to building a Scottish National Investment Bank to setting up local bond schemes and developing community shares - the alternatives are plentiful! These alternatives (see our Resources section) could save Scotland up to £25bn in debt repayments, as well as provide a sustainable Return on Investment to further grow our economy, and keep jobs and skills in the public sector. It's a matter of political will, and together we can make the transition to cut the debt and Protect our Future.

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Get Involved!

Across Scotland, there are a number of projects and actions you can take part in. From taking part local citizen's debt audits to uncovering a new privately-funded investment scandal - we need more information about current public investment problems. Politically minded? You can also participate in influencing your local council or Holyrood to take on more sustainable funding solutions. Public investment matters because it affects all of us. Your involvement could be key to building a prosperous Scotland.

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About Us

Scotland has a major underinvestment problem. Attempts to address this has led to high levels of public debt, specifically through Public-Private Partnerships. This privatisation of public sector has resulted in overpriced, unreliable and inefficient public services. Protect our Future is Scotland's campaign to develop more sustainable ways of investing public investment - ones which provide better public services for all Scottish residents. Our advisory group is made up of independent researchers, trade unions, and civil society across Scotland. Our focus is to highlight the alternative sources of public investment funding, ones which will not result in large unsustainable debt to private companies and instead fund our public services in a cheap, ethical and sustainable way.